5 Misconceptions about Excessive Sweating

We all sweat. Sweating is an important function in our bodies. It acts as a way to cool us down so we don’t become overheated when we exercise or on terribly hot days. Usually, it is these two factors, heat and exertion, that cause the body to produce sweat. In the gym, we expect to see bodies coated with a thin layer of sweat, but for some people, sweating happens at inopportune times. Even though sweating is a natural biological function, our society can look down on someone who sweats in non-traditional circumstances. This is simply unfair. Sweating is not a process we can turn on and off any more than we can turn our heartbeat on and off. Below are 5 misconceptions about excessive sweating and it causes.

Only fat people sweat excessively – Many people associate excessive sweating with people who are overweight, but there are plenty of skinny people who suffer from the same affliction. It is true that people who carry more fat on their bodies often experience sweat easier. This is because the body has to work harder to stay cool in overweight situations. But, to think that excessive sweating is only a condition for the obese is incorrect.

Excessive sweating, or any sweating, will make you smell – This might be the biggest misconception of all when it comes to sweating, specifically excessive sweating. It’s an easy mistake. We notice that our body odour is strongest while exerting ourselves such as when we play sports, so we assume that it’s the sweat that is making us smell. Incorrect. The truth is that in order to produce body odour, bacteria must be present on the surface of the skin. When you sweat the sweat and the bacteria together produce body odour. Simply sweat by itself is without smell, so don’t assume a sufferer of excessive sweat will smell.

Excessive sweating happens most of the time in the armpits–Of course, everyone believes that our armpits are the biggest factory of sweat, but that is not the case. The armpits are one of the largest sources of sweat, but for most people, it is the feet that produce the most sweat of anywhere on the body. We just don’t notice it as much because our feet are often stuffed in our shoes.

Excessive sweating causes stains in clothing – This is very important for sufferers of excessive sweating to know: sweating does not cause the unpleasant, yellow stains on your clothing. Once your sweat dries it should leave no permanent trace on your garments. If you’re getting those yellow stains in your clothes, you should consider switching to a deodorant that contains an antiperspirant that doesn’t stain. It is the antiperspirant that is causing those unsightly stains, not your sweat.

Excessive sweating will help you lose weight and get rid of toxins – False. Sweating does nothing but helps your body cool down and regulate temperature. Sweating will not make the pounds fly off or rid your body of any quote-unquote toxins. Sweating is a simple, natural process of temperature regulation that is it. Do not look at excessive sweating as your bodies’ way of riding itself of disease or excessive weight.

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