How to Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating

It’s no secret that individuals who experience excessive underarm sweating can discover that it can turn their lives into a living misery. Fortunately for those who experience excessive underarm sweating, there are many techniques that you can do at home, along with effective professional treatments that are readily available which can provide amazing results.

Thankfully, while excessive underarm sweating is not dangerous in any way, it can, unfortunately, cause psychological and often emotional distress to individuals with the condition. This means that both their professional and personal relationships and lives can be severely affected. Unarguably the condition can be incredibly embarrassing for the individual involved, which can make many people feel less inclined to speak to a professional about it. And without some form of solution or intervention, the condition can become a vicious cycle.

Many individuals typically associate excessive underarm sweating with a strong body odour. This can sometimes be the case, but not for everybody. Many individuals who experience excessive underarm sweating typically just sweat excessively which possess no form of odour. A strong and often offensive odour is caused by bad bacteria that lives on the skin. This bacteria breaks down both fatty and protein substances which are secreted by our sweat glands which around found under our arms and also the groin.

How to Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating

One of the first methods in order to try and prevent excessive underarm sweating is by first making alterations to your lifestyle. This can include changes to your daily activities which may improve the symptoms.

  • Black or white clothing can help reduce signs of sweating.
  • Avoid deodorants and choose antiperspirant spray (use regularly).
  • Avoid wearing clothes that are restrictive or tight. Especially fibres as nylon.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol or spicy foods as these are known to make symptoms worse.
  • Purpose armpit shields can help absorb excessive sweat.

Is there any professional help for excessive underarm sweating?

Fortunately for sufferers of excessive underarm sweating, there are many treatments that have proven to be significantly successful. By visiting your personal doctor, they can offer you a thorough evaluation of what may trigger or causes your symptoms. Dependant on the outcome following your professional evaluation, your doctor may offer you a variety of treatments which can offer not only amazing results and but also significantly improve your quality of life.

Upon your evaluation from your doctor, you may be offered one of the following treatments:

  • Antiperspirants via prescription that contain aluminium chloride.
  • Iontophoresis is a practice which passes electrical currents into the skin through the use of water.
  • Oral medications such as anticholinergics that may help reduce sweating.
  • Botox is ideal for treating underarm sweating, with great results.
  • Surgery that is better known as endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy.

If you live with the symptoms of excessive underarm sweating, it’s always recommended to seek professional advice from your family doctor. Your doctor will be able to suggest the right form of treatment or medication to alleviate you are or eradicate your symptoms entirely. Depending entirely on the severity of your symptoms, you may be referred to a dermatologist (skin specialist).

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