PCOS – The Ultimate Sweat Causing Machine

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome aka PCOS is a common reproductive endocrine disorder or disease as some may term it. To date, there’s no known cure out there or conclusive studies that are dedicated to stopping this condition in its tracks. If that’s not discouraging enough, there are now tons of new symptoms associated to this disorder including excessive sweating which should come as no surprise to those ladies who struggle daily to keep their pores in check.

So PCOS is here to stay, but how do you combat this nightmare of a symptom that comes with it?

Women who are subjective to this disorder are known to have hormonal imbalances and tend to sweat more so than ladies who do not fall victim to the ovarian disease. Most may think, “Perhaps if I could control this imbalance, I could possibly rid myself of sweating so much.” Exactly, tackle the core of the problem and your symptoms will diminish within time. Easier said than done, right?

Well, to help you kick your perspiration issues in the butt SweatFighter style, we urge you to follow these steps below:

Get the right help

Many women don’t realize it but PCOS is a condition that may only be assessed by a professional. A basic visit to your local doctor just won’t cut it. There are many tests that are done to assess whether this condition reveals if you’re an active sufferer or if the condition may lie dormant in your body. You should list all the symptoms to your healthcare professional so that he/she may rule out what’s going on inside and outside of your body, so don’t be shy to say that you sweat excessively. Your specialist will want to work with you to rid you of this symptom.

Take your meds

Once diagnosed with PCOS, a list of meds will most likely be prescribed to you to take on a regular basis in the attempt to correct your hormonal imbalance. It is important that you follow your doctor’s instructions, in this case, bearing in mind that your results for improvement may vary over time. You may even notice that your pores are not that clammy as what they were before.

Eat Right

For some, this would be a straightforward lifestyle change, but for most, it’s easier to think it than to do it. The aim is to start tracking what you’re eating and to minimize the “bads” to replace it with the “goods”. Your body will seriously thank you for it and you’ll discover you don’t perspire as much.


We don’t think this is a tough one as many would fear it to be. A little really does go a long way, so by simply doing 10-minute workouts per day or taking a brisk walk will help you not only lose weight, but it will also help you sweat in a good way. The more you lose, the less you’ll sweat (when you’re not working out of course.)


Taking corrective steps toward a healthier you requires quite a bit of motivation and dedication.

We recommend you track your progress by setting goals and setting your eyes on the prize on a regular basis. Write it down. Shout it out. Whisper it to yourself. Do whatever it takes mentally to get there. What’s your target?

Combating excessive sweating.

You can do it!

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